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Welcome to our wonderful world of metal detecting. Regton Metal Detectors offers a wide range of metal detectors and accessories: metal detectors online, gold metal detectors, children metal detectors. With the aid of this web site we hope to help you choose the perfect metal detector for you. Whether you are treasure hunting for fun or are more experienced detectorist, we can help you find that hidden treasure. We also supply many metal detector accessories such as books, coils, trowels & second hand metal detectors. We have many metal detectors from all of the different manufacturers worldwide such as Garrett metal detectors, XP Metal detectors, Scanmaster, Minelab, Whites, Viking, C.Scope, Tesoro & Laser. So if you are looking for a discount metal detector or a top of the range detector, this is the website for you. You could also visit our shop in Birmingham, the largest metal detector shop in the UK. If you are looking for a lost item we can also help you out with our metal detector hire. We also supply security metal detectors such as hand held body scanners and security archways. Our walk through metal detector is a stock item and can come with next day delivery.

xp gold maxx power detector
XP Goldmaxx Metal detector

The Gold Maxx is an exceptional detector. Particularly effective on difficult mineralised ground. Its 18 kHz frequency gives it greater sensitivity to targets that are usually very difficult to detect, like small gold coins, quarter staters, cut halves & quarters. Equally the depth on large targets is very good. As with all of the XP range, the Goldmaxx is a Very light detector, which makes it easier to use for longer in the field. The Goldmaxx is the detector for professional detectorists who are searching for maximum depth on all targets. Features: Wide scan 2D, 9 inch waterproof coil, with coil cover. • New cable, double electromagnetic shield, very resistant, conceived to resist movement constraints. • New XP metal connector: conceived to resist movement failures, moulded, completely waterproof. • Light and robust ABS electronic control box. Hip-mountable (hip mount bag included). • Light detector and perfectly balanced. • Very tough polypropylene armrest. • 3 piece stem. • Fibre glass lower stem. SPECIFICATIONS • Frequency: 18 kHz. • Multi-tones or Mono-tone mode • Iron Level adjustment • SILENCER switch: 3 position. • Power: 8 alkaline batteries 1.5Volts AA or rechargeable Nimh pack. • Battery life: alkaline: 70 Hours Rechargeable: 30Hours. • Battery low alert. • Weight: 1.55kg

garrett ace 150
Field Test for the New Garrett Ace 250

Norfolk Wolf

Before you lot start saying „oh no, not another Garrett” (not that there is anything wrong with them), I would like to explain that I am having a few difficulties in obtaining other detectors to test. The manufacturers and distributors have been approached, but some are a little slow in putting their best foot forward. You would think that with all the free advertising received from a test report that they would be falling over themselves to stick their product in my hand. It can’t be through my lack of experience, as I was detecting before some of these companies were actually in existence. The only stipulation I make is that I will need the detector for at least a month, (6 days a week x 4 weeks, this works out roughly to how long the average detectorists will use his machine for 5 or 6 months. Also with field tests of this length, it not only shows up the odd “wrinkle†but also gives me time to see if there is a way around the problem. If a detector doesn’t work so well on mineralised ground or is heavy to detect with, or not so capable in dealing with iron: why should you have to pay all that money, only to be become aware of the fact after the transaction? Hands up all the people that this has happened to? The two H´s need to be transposed, honesty for hype.

Right, now on to the field test...
The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector has the same dimensions and outward appearance as it is stable-mate the Ace 150. The bright yellow and black livery is seen about more and more and is now being recognised as one of those new Garrett. The differences between the two marques lies in the control box, it has a number of extra features and also a greater range over the existing ones of the 150.

The controls- Garrett ACE 250
The box sits in a fixed position in front of the handgrip; there is no provision for hip mounting as the unit is so light that there would be no advantages gained. The six touch buttons sit below the LCD screen, with the target i.d. legend above this. The L C D screen itself portrays both an upper and lower horizontal graph. The upper graph shows the illuminated target i.d. cursor, this has twelve segments for more precise discrimination, and i.d. (also used for pinpointing). The lower scale indicates the amount of discrimination employed and also notch elimination. The left hand side of the screen indicates which mode of detection is currently being used, whilst the right hand side shows the target depth in four increments to eight inches plus. Beside this there is also a constant battery condition indicator.

Switching the detector on and off is accomplished by depressing the power button, holding it in for 10 seconds will return the settings to the factory preset for each mode. There are five different modes or programmes, All Metal, Jewellery, Custom, Relics and Coins. To change from one mode to the other is done by the mode (+) or (-) touch pad, which is on rocker, so it saves time by being able to scroll up or down the menu for the desired level of discrimination. The Sensitivity has eight (illuminated) settings for more precise control and target detection; this too is on a rocker as is the discrimination.

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